Tree Fort Soda

Tree Fort Soda

Family-Owned Minnesota Craft Soda Company

Classically Inspired – Naturally Brewed. We founded Tree Fort with the idea that soda should be a treat. Real juice, real cane sugar, real honey, and real natural extracts and essential oils. Recipes revived from old school brews from before the days of artificial flavoring. All-natural, classic soda for the ages.

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Tree Fort Soda has been our dream since childhood. We spent our youth tasting soda the way adults taste wine. We road-tripped the countryside to find the best root beers being made. We pieced together what we loved in every soda we ever tried and asked ourselves- could we make it even better?


Finally we took the plunge into business and decided to share our passion with the world. We were only 17 and 26 years old when we shipped our first case to the local coop with all the excitement in the world. We have carried that excitement forward with four flavors we are passionate about. We can’t wait for you to crack open your first bottle of Tree Fort Soda. Here’s to the next generation of tasters and dreamers!
-Eva and David Duckler

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Juicy Orange Soda

Sunny days, picnics, tree forts; orange soda is All-American and built for play. We wanted to honor this American Classic by bringing back real orange juice and cane sugar, accenting with creamy vanilla and finishing with touches of juicy peach and mango. Tree Fort Orange goes great with vanilla ice cream, or even a splash of rum.




Ginger Ale

Our star ingredient is real ginger juice, with enough pulp to give a nice gingery bite. Yet, so much ginger ale goes off the deep end with spice. Kids should be able to enjoy soda too! This is a ginger ale that tastes like ginger without a burn that lasts all day. We accented the ginger with lemongrass, and of course real cane sugar. Super soothing on grey days by itself, or with a touch of gin for a great cocktail.




Root Beer

Tree Fort Root Beer started it all. Eva was brewing root beer and serving it out of kegs before we ever started bottling. We researched old school 1800’s recipes for root beer back when it was known as a hangover cure, we researched botany and tasted every spice we could get our hands on before perfecting our root beer. It is unlike anything else out there. We meld wintergreen, anise, cinnamon, sarsaparilla, marigold, peppercorn, and of course, real honey, for a subtle, rich brew great out of the bottle, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or in frosty Belgian glass by a warm fire.




Classic Cola

Our cola is classic in the truest sense of the word. We looked back at old school apothecary brews and real spices to mix up a cola full of berry notes, molasses, caramel, cinnamon, and nutmeg. We don’t want to be the only cola out there, just the most interesting. Soda is treat after all- why drink cola if it isn’t rich, bursting with flavor, aroma and aftertaste. Great on its own or with a splash of fine american bourbon.




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